Activities & Interests

We're very active and enjoy playing tennis, golf and skiing. Sports are something we like to do together - we both grew up playing sports with our families and hope to continue the tradition. We also love to cook, order in, and try new restaurants in our neighborhood or when we travel to different cities!


We've traveled a lot on our own and as a couple.  Some of our favorite places to travel together are Utah, Florida, London & California.  We also like to travel to visit friends and family.  We cannot wait to bring our child on our next family adventure! 

Friends & Family


Spending time with our friends and family is something we cherish and don't take for granted. 

We each have siblings that we are very close to and we have three nephews and two nieces that we adore!

We're also very close to our friends' children, including godchildren, and they ask their parents all the time when we're going to have children of our own.  

Our Neighborhood 

We live outside of New York City in Brooklyn. We love our neighborhood because it's very diverse and extremely family oriented. We are right around the corner from playgrounds, parks, restaurants and shops.


We have space in our apartment for a little one to play and a lot of friends to spend time with in the neighborhood!


We have everything at our fingertips and believe it's the perfect place to raise our family!